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How we work for you

Only one referent. A single structure for research, design, optimization, production and distribution. Unique, safe and efficient organization for turnkey projects of any size. The ability to work in team with the client, the ability to listen, understand and solve problems at best.

Rossetto Contract as a General Contractor

  • Analyzes the wishes of the customer;
  • Provides feasibility studies and a careful preliminary analysis;
  • Developes the proposals on customer projects or on its own project;
  • Provides a consulting service to optimize costs in the production phase;
  • Realizes the executive project;
  • Realizes the production of the mock-up samples of customized and customisable furniture.

Step by step it checks with planners, designers, engineers, financing institutions

  • Deals with the production and quality control of all furnishings and accessories;
  • Organizes and plans the logistics and transport;
  • Follows the work progress on site and subsequent testing;
  • Ensure the after sales support for any additional modification or integration.



Comfort and Elegance



Knowhow, availability, research, innovation

It is required a great availability, a great attention, a specific activity in materials research. From natural ones such as wood, glass, metal up to those resulting from the latest researches. The materials used, the knowledge of the manual and special machining operations, of finishes and details, can contribute to the quality of the project that must be interpreted.



Italian live style


60 years of activities and experience

A company for interior design and the quality contract

The best guarantee: the direct contact with the productive structure. A whole great productive structure made fully available for a total look of interiors. Design and internal manufacture of all the components of the programs. Total control before, during and after production.



Italian style & atmosphere



Rossetto Contract can organize and coordinate every step of the installation, thanks to its experienced installation team that guarantees the best final result of the project and the respect of the time schedule.



The contract couture


Identity and character

Consistent with the architectural project

Architecture as the sum of technical and aesthetic aspects; the interior design must: deal with, contribute to the idea and to the goals of the architectural project. Interiors need to be only beautiful and accurate but also have their own identity and character, recognizable and consistent with the architectural project.


Stile italiano dal 1956


Rossetto - Logo

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